5BIOSYS, the name is incorporated from BIO and system

BIOSYS, the name is incorporated from BIO and SYSTEMS. We understand the systems of the human body which are involved in its biology. Biosys is a company which is backed by professionals of healthcare who have more than two decades of experience in selling HEALTH products. We understand the needs required to maintain a stress free, healthy and a beautiful life. Primarily the focus is on the health, personality grooming and wellness conscious individuals. Increasing emphasis on a healthy and wholesome lifestyle has been the springboard for the wellness industry in India. Wellness today is not just a ‘metro’ phenomenon. Young consumers across Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities and even pockets of rural India are today seeking wellness solutions to meet their lifestyle challenges. Wellness today is more than INR 500 bn industry in India. However, it is still less than two per cent of the global wellness industry. It is interesting to note how this industry has used the business potential of traditional Indian practices and home.

Industry has used the business potential of traditional Indian practices and home remedies. Adjacent industries such as retail, healthcare, hospitality, among others, are assimilating wellness as part of their value proposition, opening up huge opportunities going forward. We believe that with the active involvement of the government and private participants, the wellness industry in India can create visible impact on a global scale. By 2018, wellness services alone have the potential to generate three million job opportunities and we hope to establish a strong foothold in the wellness category by then.


At Biosys we aim at bringing the internationally acclaimed ingredients to meet the challenges arising out of a rising India. In our initial launch phase we intend launching products which are directed towards a ‘Beautiful You’. Without any gender bias our experience backed up by the medical fraternity helps us in  very carefully freezing upon the scientifically proven products. All our products ingredients have been used abundantly abroad and have given fascinating results much to the delight of the consumer. In the days to come we will be launching a slew of products aimed at the overall support of body functions which may make us less dependent on the ills of side effects of the medicine world. Our products are dietary and do not cause any side effects but have proven results.

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