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Product Description

What’s the secret of increasing Brain Power ?

  • Unique combination of scientifically proven ingredients which aid in increasing Memory and Brain Power.
  • Naturally gives strength to nervous system by boosting brain cells that prompt the regeneration of Brain Tissues that are involved in thinking, learning and memory.
  • Helps children to concentrate so that they can easily compete in this competitive world.

Benefits :

  • Memory Booster
  • Increases mental attention
  • Increases retention power
  • Stimulating Intellect & Sharpening the memory.
  • Improves learning capabilities
  • Delay Brain Milestones in children.

Recommended use

Recommended dose is one capsule twice daily.

100% safe to use.

Supplements Facts

Serving size: 1 capsule

Serving per container: 60

Ingredients : Shankpushpi, Brahmi, Vacha, Guduchi, Ashawgandha, Jata Mansi, Malkangni, Yashtimadhu, Dhania, Vidang & Kesar .


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